Reflections on the MSc in Particle & Nuclear Physics

Student Emily Pender

As Emily Pender starts her PhD, she reflects on why she applied to study the MSc in Particle and Nuclear Physics, and how this degree has helped prepare her for her research project.

I chose to apply to Edinburgh because of its reputation as both an excellent University and because of the developments following the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012. I was enrolled on an integrated Masters degree (combined Masters and Bachelors degree) at my previous University, but as I knew I wanted to end up specialising in particle physics, I thought it would be more beneficial to undertake the Masters in Particle and Nuclear Physics at the University of Edinburgh than continue studying a generalised physics degree. Continue reading “Reflections on the MSc in Particle & Nuclear Physics”

Taking the leap – reflections from a mature student

Michael Marshall

There are challenges and opportunities for all students, but what are some of the difficulties and potential gains faced by mature students?

Michael Marshall started studying after a 30 year career and raising a family.  He has recently completed an MSc in Theoretical Physics and is currently undertaking a PhD in Theoretical Physics.

Why did you chose to study the MSc in Theoretical Physics?

I completed my undergraduate degree while working full time. Towards the end of my degree I realised that to embark on a new career in physics I would need a PhD, and the obvious first step was to undertake an MSc. My undergraduate tutors recommended the University of Edinburgh’s Higgs Centre as one of the best places to study theoretical physics.

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Theoretical Physics – reflecting on my MSc studies

Andres Armua

Photo: Andres Armua (image credit – Sergio Parrella)

With winter graduation ceremonies upon us, we had a chat with Andres Armua who is due to graduate with an MSc in Theoretical Physics, and this is what he told us about his experience here:

Tell us about your most memorable aspects of the degree.

The excellent quality of courses and teaching and the nice atmosphere created by the University staff made the learning process highly satisfying. The teaching staff are very approachable and they are very willing to talk about material. The degree is designed in a very coherent way with good introductory courses and also amazing research level courses. The wide variety of projects offered for the dissertation illustrates the large range of topics in which the School is involved.

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