Theoretical Physics – reflecting on my MSc studies

Andres Armua

Photo: Andres Armua (image credit – Sergio Parrella)

With winter graduation ceremonies upon us, we had a chat with Andres Armua who is due to graduate with an MSc in Theoretical Physics, and this is what he told us about his experience here:

Tell us about your most memorable aspects of the degree.

The excellent quality of courses and teaching and the nice atmosphere created by the University staff made the learning process highly satisfying. The teaching staff are very approachable and they are very willing to talk about material. The degree is designed in a very coherent way with good introductory courses and also amazing research level courses. The wide variety of projects offered for the dissertation illustrates the large range of topics in which the School is involved.

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Maximise your chances of exam success

Student writing exam

Your exams are approaching.  You have been planning, revising and studying, so there is little more you can do, right?  Regardless of how much effort you have put in beforehand, your performance on the day is also important to help you maximise your chances of exam success.

Here are Dr Ross Galloway’s top 12 tips.

1. Read the whole exam paper before doing anything else

It’s the classic exam tip, and with good reason. As the old military maxim says, time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted. It will give you an overview of what you’re going to have to do, and your subconscious will start processing the later questions even as you do the early ones.

2. Think about the big picture when choosing which questions to do

Most of your exams will offer you at least some choice of questions to tackle. Don’t pick them just based on which of the opening sub-parts you prefer. Assess the whole question: which ones can you do the greatest amount of? Continue reading “Maximise your chances of exam success”

Who are the Modern Physics quiz whizzes?

Staff with student quiz winners

Photo: presentation of prizes to winning team ‘Drawing a Planck’

For the second year running, the Modern Physics course held a mid-semester pub quiz. Kind of like a normal pub quiz, but for physics geeks. With rounds on physics, astrophysics, science film quotes, Nobel prizes, a picture quiz, and general knowledge (admittedly, mainly general knowledge related to physics…).

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