Curated by Dave Molnar.

This first issue will promote questions of context, intent, authorship, curation, and exhibition. Each contributor will get one page. On one side, their image. On the other side, a word chosen from the list provided. The idea is to set your work free, devoid of any statement, and let it stand (or fall) on its own – yet subject to a descriptive fate out of your control; the random whim of another. What happens when language is not only vague, but not of your choosing?

Furthermore – at the inaugural SNAG launch party, each page will be provided separately and the participant will construct the zine as they see fit. Random? Sure. Carefully constructed? Maybe. The point is, while the contributor selects a word, it will not be seen along with their image, but rather, opposite someone else’s. The launch part will be held at the Wee Red Bar within the Edinburgh College of Art, Tuesday May 3rd from 14:00 to 19:00. For all details and to book your free tickets please visit – EVENTBRITE.

Simple, right? A collaborative work with contributions from creator and consumer alike.

What could go wrong?