Curated by Ariel GU


In these days of chaos and noise, many people aspire to live in a virtual world of electronic screens, to socialize and live as digital inhabitants. We seem to be real, but the evidence of our existence is hard to track. We are given a few strings of similar characters and after a few hours of refreshing, we disappear into the flood of the internet.

Philosophy and Value:

The world is now crowded, loud and cluttered. Everyone pretends to be fine, but the pressures and difficulties of these times make it difficult for us to get by. In the face of displaced people when war strikes, restrictive policies under the pandemic nature of the disease, unanticipated closure control management, more and more people are developing psychological problems. We are looking for an outlet for our emotions, to make our presence visible to the world in a weird, disordering way. This is also evidence of the presence in the digital world.

We are not whole as a whole, every moment of every day is like a time to be torn apart, we are all contradictions, our lives will not be perfect like a mathematical symmetry aesthetic. Therefore, through this contemporary and peculiar representation of aesthetic deviations to present our complex psychological state, the image narrative is used to link reality and the virtual, and also to trigger public events to form a collective memory.

Play Process


I intend to create avatars with narrative meanings that participants can make by reconstructing and collaging existing materials that have fallen from the internet in an imaginative way.

  1. Select emotional keywords
  2. Categorize the material under the keywords according to the different emotions
  3. Select material for collage avatars (micro-expressions / public surveillance screenshots / available partial photos and videos / artworks, etc.)
  4. Take a photo and scan it for upload (you can use OCR like App: Lens)
  5. Upload an Ins with an avatar and share your collage. Leave a keyword for each section. You are also allowed to write a sentence about what you want to say.

I am excited to announce that the on-site rehearsal and event held successfully!  Thank you lovely guys!


Materials from the Network were waited.




Form a community on ins, bring Tag #amireal#, provide material and collage templates, retweet and share the ones with high likes. Follow the hot news #event each week, create your own avatar after the news event topic, then those with high likes can collectively change the same avatar together to form a digital demonstration and protest.

Location: The Wee Red Bar and Instagram

Dates / duration: 

On-site: May 2rd 15:30-17:30

Online: April 26th-May 30th