Curated by Jialing Zou

“Everyone is an artist” is the artistic vision of Beuys, a representative of German conceptual art, who emphasized that the boundaries between life and art should be eliminated and that art is not the exclusive preserve of artists, but that people should participate in artistic activities. From this point of view, the contemporary context has taken on a new interpretation of the phrase, with digital technology and the internet creating new possibilities for artistic and curatorial exploration of a subject, as well as creating richer conditions for public participation in art activities. The practice of online open exhibitions has become an effective way to connect curators, artists, and the general public in a collaborative relationship, and it is, therefore, with this in mind, I wanted to create an exhibition space with the general public, and I initiated a project about home creation, to allow the public to not only create their favorite artworks but also to be a part of my open exhibition process.

My open exhibition is divided into three sections.

The first section is a mock show, where people can imitate or recreate the work they want to imitate according to their preference.

The second section is creative making, where people can create art at home with any object, such as discarded clothes, paper, fruit or even vegetables. There is no limit to the materials and the imagination is unlimited.

The third part is the voting phase. Once the creation is complete, the artwork will be uploaded to a fixed platform for the general public to enjoy and vote online. It is also possible to upload the process of making your own work so that more interested people can imitate and recreate it.

The project takes place online and participants can create their work anywhere they choose.

There is no specific age limit and children can also upload their work to social media through their parents.

Dates and times:

The project takes place in two phases and lasts for two months. The first month is dedicated to the creation and collection of works, which participants create using household objects and upload to a designated network. The second month will be a public exhibition of the works and a vote by the participants.

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