Hey cute guys! I’m Ariel GU from Contemporary Art Theory of ECA. I’ve got a MA degree in Communication from HKBU and my BA in New Media and Internet.

I am interested in many interdisciplinary aspects of Electonic Art and Art Psychology and am always fascinated by dizzying art philosophy theories. Digital culture, electronic art, personality psychology, visual culture, semiotics, remix theory and psycho-social aspects…… Chat with me if you are also absorbed in them!

Due to my previous experience, I’m also a media artist, a creator and most time a writer. I am capable of creative planning and video script creation. I’ve joined more than 5 times of participation in large national new media competitions and 4 brand improvement projects, which have enabled me to obtain more experiences in cooperation with the teams. I held the workshop “Fall into Network World” at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in 2021, and everyone had a good time.

A Warm Welcome to join my workshop and follow my project ins. I bet it will give you a surprising adventure. Hope my project may help the spectator explore the deeper self through a hybrid of artistic formats!

Watch Out! Here is the magic entrance: https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/macat2022/the-projects/am-i-real/

Project Ins: @amiireal

(Yes, it’s “I am Ariel”)

Always here for U! > – <