Curated by Shuwen Chen


I find great pleasure when I walk into an art gallery, into a museum, looking at the great works of artists and feeling the careful arrangements made by the curators. However when such a traditional location and environment kept surrounding me, I developed some rebellious ideas. What does a traditional exhibition look like? Indoors? limited space?Quiet? Visitors looking up? The artworks are designed to be arranged and untouchable?


Have some fun! I want to hold an exhibition which is in the infinite space. The artworks in this exhibition are hidden and need to be found. Anyone can join anytime, anywhere. The important thing is, the viewing of the exhibition is interesting enough to make you scream with surprise!


Here comes Artwork’s Adventures in Outdoor (2AO), a game app set in the real world that allows the Player to start his/her artistic treasure hunt in the real world through electronic technology and GPS.


The system consists of two main sections. Section 1: Catch, this section focuses on artworks that already exist in the city and players can find that artwork by locating it or by text clues. Also players can upload their artwork as the author, this will be a grassroots art platform! Section 2: Barter, in this section players will look for the treasure chests that the system has set up around the city. Players place their artwork or some art prints in the treasure chest and take one from it. This is a mini-game of mutual rewards.

S2256611 2AO S2256611 2AO


By opening the app, the player becomes the character of an adventure. He or she can become a hunter, searching for hidden treasures, or an artisan, dropping off his or her creations at the treasure chests set by the system, or exchanging them with others. I hope that through this game players will understand that art is fun, open and public, for the whole community, and that everyone can participate in it and have fun. The game also allows players to become their own curators, enabling them to find artworks and join the art world as they go about their lives. It’s an art exhibition with no time or place restrictions… and exercise!


Famous artworks are not the only ones in this project, grassroots art in the community is also worthy of our attention. The project will invite local artists and art groups to join in and form a community internet. The app can also be used as a platform to promote the city’s art events and become a social media for the art world in the city. And with the funding issue, I think a treasure chest would be a great advertising space? Hah but before I can do that, I have to get the space to use to place the treasure chest.


Introduction about the APP:



Given that the platform for this project, this game app, currently has no way of being developed and used, I will be borrowing other social platforms to run my project.

Project presentation dates: 2022/4/27 – 2022/5/3

Project presentation platform: Instagram, (account will be posted during the presentation)

Project process: I will be using the instagram account as the official account for the project. During the presentation, I will post tasks on Instagram at regular intervals, which will include an address and a photo. I will use an envelope with the 2AO logo written on it to hold some art prints and place them in the space where the photo is displayed. Participants in the project will be able to find the envelope by following the address and photo prompts. The post will be deleted once the envelope has been found.