The educational workshop on third day of the event:

The workshop will be divided into 4 steps, which are provided below as bullet points:

1. Accompanied by the curator and staffs, the participants of the educational workshop will first go around the event space to observe and learn about the artworks, manuscripts, and physical exhibits. This is to construct a foundational understanding of the subject of this artistic event as well as inspire their later creation.

2. The participants will then be led to the workshop space to forge a discussion between the workshop team. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and reflections on the objects they have just viewed, and they are also encouraged to share their personal experiences through the pandemics as well as their knowledge about how the virus spreads, how the virus can be prevented, and how should they adjust to a new era of time.

3. Then, the participants may start their own creation process. They will be provided with relevant materials and toolkits. These materials can support them in creating comics, posters, simple drawings/paintings, etc. Here are some examples as below:

4. A discussion follows the participants completion of their works. Their works will be shown in a specific space reserved in the event space, to be exhibited in the next two days.