Curated by Ziyu Dang

What is your way of retaining time? Do you record it? Record a video? Draw it? Make a model? A specimen? If spring could be the beginning of the year, what could really represent it? If spring could only be represented by colours and shapes, what would you choose?


The aim of this ultimately personal curatorial practice is not just to curate a single exhibition, but to make the exhibition become a public platform, to help participants interact physically and psychologically, to spread knowledge and insight, to preserve my record of the moment through each person’s ‘footprint’ on the artwork, and also hope this joint work will help us to keep a trace of the spring that belongs to 2022.

Age: Open-ended
Time: 29 / 04 / 2022 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Venue: 1.16, Fire Station, ECA

  1. Each person can make up their preferred colour (provided) and then three people (maximum) can work on it at the same time.
  2.  The method of creation is as follows: no tools are provided except for the paint and canvas, during which the participants can pour the paint onto the canvas and find ways to make shapes, such as blowing with their mouths, moving the canvas with their hands, etc. During this time the paints (works) must blend to different degrees, and it is necessary for everyone to negotiate how to work together to create a final work with a good aesthetic effect.
  3. Waiting for the artwork to dry
  4. Exchange and sharing
  5.  Clean up the place

The designer of this exhibition is me, but the creators are everyone involved.
If this exhibition space about spring is a framework, the exhibition can only be completed if the viewer and the participants are in this space and time at the same time.
I want the project to be inclusive, without boundaries, but within a limited time frame, each person has to think relatively “what are my colours of spring? What is the shape of my spring?”
The final work may not be huge in physical size, but it is rich in content and the result of everyone’s participation, and will be exhibited for three days at chalmers street back gardon, EH3 9FE


The Dimensions of Performance | Tate