Play Process


Do you also admire the collage creations online? It’s so fun, interesting and has a special meaning. It seems to be a collection of strange and marginal elements that are combined into an artistic expression.

Here’s how you can easily create with narrative meanings, reconstructing and collaging existing materials that have imaginatively fallen from the internet to create your own digital avatars.

1. Perceive your current emotions, and select emotional keywords

2. Select materials for collage avatars (photos and screenshot from your album, micro-expressions / public surveillance screenshots /artworks, etc.)

3. Print them and categorize the material under the keywords according to the different emotions

4. Cut out the required part and paste it on the background

5. Take a photo and scan it for upload (you can use OCR like App: Lens)

6. Upload an Ins with an avatar and share your collage.


Form a community on ins, bring Tag #amireal#, provide material and collage templates, retweet and share the ones with high likes. Follow the hot news #event each week, create your own avatar after the news event topic, then those with high likes can collectively change the same avatar together to form a digital demonstration and protest.