Informatics Teaching Festival 2021: Sharing experience and planning for online and hybrid teaching

The Informatics Teaching Festival is back for a second consecutive year. 

 Join us for the opportunity to:

  • hear interesting presentations around lessons learned in the past year and good practice in online/hybrid teaching from colleagues and inspiring speakers from other schools
  • listen to the feedback provided by student representatives regarding their experience with studying in an online/hybrid context
  • listen to the feedback provided by teaching support and administrative staff as to their experience with teaching and administration this past year
  • learn about new approaches to teaching and educational software
  • share your own experience with teaching delivery, student support and course administration during workshops and informal GatherTown meetings
  • reflect and come up with ideas together for improving our delivery of online and hybrid teaching, both as a school and in our different courses.

If you’d like to attend any of the following sessions, and are not a member of the School of Informatics, please register your interest here, and a Collaborate link will be emailed to you in advance of the session(s).


Topic and links to recordings Date/Time Resources
Opening/Welcome Monday 7 June, 10-10.30am Björn Franke
Keynote: Experience with online/hybrid teaching in 2 other schools Monday 7 June, 10.30-11.30am Charlotte Desvages

Brian Rabern

Coffee break & GatherTown meet and greet Monday 7 June, 11.30am-12pm n/a
Student experience with online/hybrid teaching in 2020-21; Suggestions for the future Monday 7 June, 12-1pm n/a
Personal Tutoring and Student Support: Sharing best practice and providing views on upcoming changes Monday 7 June, 2-3pm n/a
Lectures in an online/hybrid context Tuesday 8 June, 10-11.15am Iain Murray

Mary Cryan

Fiona McNeill

Coffee break & GatherTown meet and greet Tuesday 8 June, 11.15-11.45am n/a
Teaching support staff experience with online/hybrid teaching in 2020-21; Suggestions for the future Tuesday 8 June, 11.45am-12.45pm n/a
Practical sessions (tutorials, labs, workshops, etc.) in an online/hybrid context Wednesday 9 June, 10-11.15am Fiona McNeill

Pawel Orzechowski

Tim Drysdale

Sharon Goldwater

Coffee break & GatherTown meet and greet Wednesday 9 June, 11.15-11.45am n/a
Case study: practical sessions in IRR and IPP Wednesday 9 June, 11.45am-12.45pm IRR/IPP
Case study: Teaching Ethics in Computing Wednesday 9 June, 3-4pm David Sterratt

email James for Shannon’s paper

Assignments in an online/hybrid context Thursday 10 June, 10-11.15am Padlet
Coffee break & GatherTown meet and greet Thursday 10 June, 11.15-11.45am n/a
Exams in an online/hybrid teaching context Thursday 10 June, 11.45am-12.45pm Padlet
Learn Foundations: UX (Emma Horrell) Thursday 10 June, 2-3pm Emma Horrell
Equality and Inclusion (Decolonizing the curriculum and Congressive Teaching methods)
Friday 11 June, 10-11.15am Decolonizing the curriculum
Coffee break & GatherTown meet and greet Friday 11 June, 11.15-11.45am n/a
Final reflection, Informatics Awards Ceremony Friday 11 June, 12-1pm will be uploaded after the session


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