This page will show support resources and references to any forthcoming scheduled sessions. Most will be delivered by the learning technology team locally. However, we will, from time to time, advertise appropriate centrally provisioned courses and training (from IAD or Information Services, for example).

Teaching and Learning Support

Much work is underway in the school to support teaching staff with their semester 1 preparations (for September 2020). The learning technology team are involved with many other colleagues in providing support over coming weeks and months.

Learning Design consultancy sessions – Mondays 10am, Collaborate (link to be shared by email – please get in touch if you need a reminder)

Informatics Teaching Festival – w.c. June 1st 2020 – all details and recordings here.

Teaching Hour – weekly Thursdays 11am – all details and recordings here. (Feel free to email Judy to suggest other topics for teaching hour).

Further Reading List, compiled by Prof Judy Robertson, accessible here.

Coming Soon – An Introduction to Online Teaching, an online course from IAD (School of Informatics only)

Regular Learning Design consultancy sessions

Fiona Hale, our part time learning technologist, will run learning design consultancy sessions each Monday at 10.00 (starting June 8th) and will advertise the URL for Collaborate appropriately (but email her directly if you need the link shared). If a more detailed one to one consultancy session might be required then email Fiona directly and we will try and accommodate you, within the constraints of a part time working week.

Book a Learning Technologist session

Alex Burford, our full time learning technologist, aims to keep diary free for ad-hoc support sessions on a regular basis. Alex’s diary is open and can be accessed via Office365. If you’d like to discuss a particular issue relating to learning technology, feel free to pop something in Alex’s diary.

video help has some excellent video resources on Blackboard Learn. Don’t be put off by the length of the courses – they’re fully searchable. And of course, all staff and students at the University of Edinburgh have a account.

Blackboard Essentials Training for Instructors

customised video help for informatics staff

We have a selection of Help videos hosted in Media Hopper Create and are currently building a channel for Informatics staff. If you’d like to know how to do something, and you prefer video instruction, please get in touch and we shall add a new video, customised for your purpose.

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