Media Hopper Replay

Media Hopper Replay is the name given to the lecture recording service at the University of Edinburgh. The service, which runs Echo360, was launched in September 2017. Every course Learn page has a lecture recording link on it, which will automatically take staff and students enrolled on the course through to the Echo360 area for that course.

Media Hopper Replay is primarily built for scalability. If you’d like your on campus lectures to be recorded, note this with your local timetabling unit and they will aim for you to be timetabled into a room which currently supports lecture recording (check enabled teaching spaces here). Please note: any room which supports lecture recording also supports live streaming of lectures.

When your course sessions are timetabled, certain types of activities will automatically have lecture recording enabled (e.g. Lectures). Activities types called seminars, workshops, and tutorials in the timetabling system will not automatically be recorded.

Getting ready for teaching

Course Organisers can view scheduled recordings for their course via the Learn page, but they also have access to the Replay Scheduler, which gives them more detailed information and allowed them to adjust certain settings. We suggest that all Course Organisers look at the Scheduler for their course before teaching begins. Further information on our blog post: Lecture Recording Scheduler

Lectures will be recorded automatically, however Live Streaming is not automatically enabled, and the default is for the recordings to be made available to students after 24 hours. You can change these settings via the Media Hopper Replay scheduler.

When giving your lectures, all you have to do as the lecturer is turn up and ensure the lapel mic in the room is switched on and attach it to your lapel / shirt. Further information on using the mics in the room can be found here:

If you need to record a one-off session that is not one that was automatically set up through the course timetable, follow the instructions on our blog post here to do that: Create an ad-hoc lecture recording

Note: If you have a newer Macbook with only a USB-C connection, please ensure you have an HDMI adaptor with you if you wish to present using your own device. Currently, the only connectors in the teaching spaces are VGA and HDMI. If you need to borrow an adaptor you can contact Informatics computing support here:

Get in touch

Important: All lecture recording rooms are looked after by the University’s central Learning Spaces Technology team. If you encounter any problems with the equipment in the lecture room, please contact them asap using the phone number provided in the room (or listed on their Contacting Us page). They can triage over the phone or send a technician. While this may briefly disrupt your class, in most cases the issues can be resolved right away.

The IS Helpline supports Media Hopper Replay throughout the University. Contact details are listed here. For any school-specific questions about the Media Hopper Replay lecture recording service, please contact us at

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