Create an ad-hoc lecture recording

The scenario

You’re about to teach your class but there’s been a room change and you want to make sure the session will be recorded. What to do?

  • Firstly, check the light on the desk. It should change to RED at the time the class is scheduled to start (usually, 10 minutes past the hour).
Performing an ad-hoc recording
  • Log into your Learn course that you use for your course and open Replay using the Media Hopper Replay link (usually in the Course Materials area).
  • When Replay opens, click on the Start Capture button at the top-right of the window.
  • From the Where? menu, select the room you are teaching in. You can type the name or location of the room into the search box to help narrow down the results.
  • Use the Hours and minutes options to define how long your recording will last.
  • From the Inputs menu, choose which of the available inputs you would like to record. The
    default selection is always as many inputs as possible for that particular room.
  • Leave the Quality setting as High Quality as this will produce a recording suitable for playback on most devices, and by users with slower internet connections.
  • Use the Publish to… menu to select the location you want your recording to be saved to. The default will be the course you currently have open.
  • Click Start to begin your recording. Your ad hoc capture will appear as a new class within your course under the title ‘Ad Hoc Capture’.
Myth Busting

The Delcom light in the rooms acts primarily as a visual clue as to whether a recording is in process.


GREEN=Not Recording

Amber=Recording Paused.

You can press the light to pause / unpause an already scheduled recording. You can *not* start a recording by pressing the light in the room. Instead, follow the instructions above on how to perform an ad-hoc recording.

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