Create a playlist in Media Hopper Create

A playlist is a specifically selected collection of files which play one after the other for the user.

Any published media file can be added to a playlist. This can either be media created by you, or someone else.

Login to Media Hopper Create. Locate the media files you wish to add to your playlist and tick their corresponding checkboxes. They must be published. Click on the Actions button and choose Add to playlist.

screen shot showing Add To Playlist button

To create a new playlist, enter a name and click on the Create button. The newly created playlist will be selected automatically.

screen shot showing how to create a new playlist

Click save to add the selected files to this playlist.

To view the playlist, click on the My Playlists button.

Screen shot showing My Playlists button

A file can be removed from the playlist by clicking on the three dot menu icon next to the file and choosing Remove.

screen shot showing how to remove file from playlist

Select Save.

Further information

IS have created a video, demonstrating how to work with channels and playlists in Media Hopper Create. It can be found here:


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