Media Hopper

Media Hopper is the umbrella term for video-related services at the University of Edinburgh.

Media Hopper Create is the (original) Media Hopper service and is sometimes referred to as the ‘University’s YouTube’. It is both a recorder and a player. Download the recorder to record your screen, audio and video (or any combination thereof) and upload to the dedicated streaming server. You can choose to publish privately, to a limited audience or to the world. You can generate subtitles for your recording. Additionally, you will be prompted to assign a license to your recording.

Media Hopper Replay is the name given to the lecture recording service. If you’d like to record your on campus lectures, notify the Teaching Office (email here), and they can ensure you are timetabled in a supported room. If you’d like to record a lecture / seminar / presentation which isn’t in a supported room, please get in touch with ILTS.

In January 2021, a newsletter was produced by ISG to clarify the differences (and similarities) between the services under the Media Hopper umbrella. The newsletter is currently available here.

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