Lecture recording scheduler

The Media Hopper Replay page for your course displays *when* recordings are scheduled, but not *where*. So, when you select the Lecture recordings link in Learn…

… you see something like this:

But what if you want to check *where* your classes are scheduled for recording?

You can visit the Media Hopper Replay scheduler*. Enter the course name or course code (be sure to select the correct instance) and you will see something like this:

  1. you can change your recording preference – and give a reason why. Please remember – this changes recording preference for all lectures within your course. If you want to change at a more granular level, please select the specific scheduled lecture (eg TU @ 5pm)
  2. you can change the availability of your recordings from the default 24 hour delay to ‘immediately’ or ‘manual release’
  3. you can check the location of the scheduled recordings.

Further information on the Media Hopper Replay scheduler can be found here: https://www.ed.ac.uk/information-services/learning-technology/media-hopper-replay/help-and-support/staff-help-and-support/replay-scheduler

*By default, only Course Organisers and Course Secretaries are added to a course in the Replay Scheduler, so people can only see information on the site for a specific course where they have one of these two roles. Additional users can be added by the CO or CS, who will then be able to manage opt-outs and release timings.


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