Fair Winds and Following Seas: a celebration of the work of Leonard McDermid

ECA Library is delighted to present a new exhibition at ECA Library, Evolution House, West Port. Opening on 12th October, Fair Winds and Following Seas, is co-curated by Barbara A Morton of Entropie Books, and ECA Librarian Jane Furness.

Featuring a personal selection of Leonard McDermid’s own work from the Stichill Marigold Press, alongside the collected responses in appreciation of his art, as received from his friends:

Jane Hyslop
Graeme Hawley
Julie Johnstone
John Easson
Thomas A Clark
Catherine Marshall
W J Morton
Barbara A Morton
Susie Wilson
Imi Maufe
Gin Saunders

We are so pleased to host this wonderful celebration, and are thankful for the generosity of Len and Barbara, in making this exhibition possible. The show will continue through Semester 1 and closes on 30th November 2021.
Don’t forget to pick up your free packet of marigold seeds!
Public access to ECA Library: Please note that access to all University of Edinburgh libraries is currently restricted to University of Edinburgh Students, Staff and Official Visitors, and NHS Lothian Staff, Edinburgh Theological Seminary Staff & students (Free Church of Scotland College), Free Church of Scotland Ministers, retired ministers and staff, Church of Scotland Ministers, retired ministers & staff, Alumni, Friends of the Library and Life members of the Library. For members of the public not in any of those membership categories who wish to view the exhibition, please note, you do not need to book a time slot to visit, but you should announce yourself to ECA Reception on arrival inside Evolution House, and to ECA Library Helpdesk on arrival within the Library, you should give your name and phone number to Library Helpdesk staff for NHS Test and Protect purposes, and all visitors should wear a face covering (unless exempt). We regret that at this time, Access will be granted to the Library exhibition space only, and not to the rest of ECA Library.
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