Berg Fashion Library

Have you heard about Berg Fashion Library? We subscribe to this fantastic e-resource from Bloomsbury Publishing. It has been described as “the authority on world dress”, and is an extensive online portal which offers fully cross-searchable access to a large and growing range of Berg content collections, including the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress & Fashion online, plus hundreds of e-books, reference works, and thousands of images.
New e-book titles get added regularly. The latest additions include: Costuming cosplay: dressing the imagination by Therèsa M. Winge, Fashion, agency, and empowerment: performing agency, following script, edited by Annette Lynch and Katalin Medvedev, The fashion forecasters : a hidden history of color and trend prediction, edited by Regina Lee Blaszczyk and Ben Wubs, Menswear revolution : the transformation of contemporary men’s fashion by Jay McCauley Bowstead, and Sustainability and the social fabric : Europe’s new textile industries by Clio Padovani and Paul Whittaker.
You can access Berg Fashion Library via the Art & Design Databases webpage.