Partial View: display by artist in residence Susie Wilson

This Spring, our 2016 artist in residence Susie Wilson made a selection of artists’ books from the ECA Library collection, for her display “Partial View”, which was held at ECA Library, Evolution House, during Semester 2.

Says Susie, of her selection of artists’ books:
“There is no definitive description of an artist book as by its very nature it is an elusive art form. The ECA Library’s collection reflects this. Artists’ books invite participation and the interplay between the viewer and the book creates an intimacy that isn’t found in other art forms. For me, an artist book should be a dialogue between form and content, each enhancing the other.”
The display completed the first part of Susie’s residency, following several very successful and well-attended workshops, such as this one where students were shown how to make their own books:
Susie and her workshop group, making book forms.
We would like to thank Susie for her hard work and commitment to her residency, for sharing her skills with our students, and for creating a beautiful display!
The next part of the residency will be when Susie delivers a new artist’s book that she has made in response to her research at ECA Library, in summer 2016.