For this brief we are working with Smith and Nephew, Loop ph and researching medical burn coverings.




Smith and Nephew are a British based company who specialises medical equiptment. Their ethos is “restoring peoples bodies and self belief” looking at how they can make living with certain thing easier and more bearable! The company wants to prolong life, looking at any approaches to do so.




Loop Ph 

loop Ph is a London based company who specialises in innovative design and architecture using science. Their innovative thinking always keeps them looking ahead for new approached to design, looking at thew world through futuristic eyes. They probe into future using a combination of environmental, social and scientific research. They prize them selfs of emulating environmental structures but with a modern, technology approach


the picture above shows loop ph growing algae within a lab. The idea of the algae being an environmental process however growing this in a controlled environment in a lab allows them to look at the properties and really break down thew algae to use within scientific research.

Another example above is loop ph creating Lace but with an advanced scientific approach.