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Month: September 2020

so who’s an inspiration?

I really love the work of Molly Goddard. Molly Goddard is a London based designer who creates stunning bespoke garments using traditional hand pleating, smocking with tulle fabric. I fell in love with the way the fabric manipulates almost effortlessly.

What really stood out to me with Molly Goddard’s work was the repetitive overlapping. My concept is about overlapping and intertwining of the corona virus and anxiety disorder so using this technique would work perfectly. I also really loved the playfulness the opaque fabric conveyed. Taking this technique forward I wanted to focus on creating opaque layers however with a twist. I personally love using alternative materials as sustainability is a huge factor for me and my work. So combining the use of alternative materials and traditional fabric manipulation was a world in which I am dying to explore

I looked at “dress Portrait” Molly Goddard’s exhibition and fell in love with these photographs, the way the clusters of the dresses mixed with the texture of the almost bin bag textures was so stunning. I knew this was a perfect way to incorporate alternative materials. Whats also really intriguing about the photographs is the contrast of textures, you have the light airlessness of the thin plastic material and the clusters of hand manipulated tulle.

After looking i went on the hunt and I was able to find these completely stunning florescent pink bin bags in which were literally screaming to be manipulated!!

After collecting the data from my survey I used the number of percentage of yes votes in correlation to the amount of stitches i.e 60% = 6 stitch lines. I used the sewing machine and carefully and slowly started to hand ruffle the bin bags. I especially wanted to convey loads of chaotic lines, (seen mostly when held in the  sun) to convey the erratic nature of the way corona sweeps through the nation.

I plan to experiment this technique on a range of other fabric and possibly combine and contort these all together to make some really authentic, funky samples.

Daily pandemic- a little on my concept!

I plan to explore the subject matter “Data and Network” through an anxiety suffers mind. The idea behind this concept is our national lockdown due to Covids-19. As an anxiety suffer I have been live with fears about everyday life, I plan to compare this to the newly found fear of corona virus. I want to highlight that anxiety suffers live each day as if they were in a pandemic. Just like a data base is a “network of programming” an anxiety mindset is a “network of negative thoughts”.

As someone who has suffered generalised anxiety disorder for the upmost of 10 years now this project is something I am truly passionate about. Living with anxiety and its side effects isn’t the easiest but its not got me down!!  Anxiety isn’t just panic attacks and heavy breathing, theres so much more to it. Let’s start with Anxiety as a topic, you have two parts, anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder. Generalised anxiety disorder is a chronic illness, something that affects the way your brain works and how it processes information, it also comes with a list of side effects that arn’t well known:

  • trembling and shaking
  • full body aches, muscle fatigue
  • headaches
  • sickness
  • trouble sleeping
  • heart irregulations/palputations
  • excess sweating
  • eyesight problems
  • irregular breathing

I also want to look and compare this against the worlds latest problem the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has sparked a lot of new fears especially in people who have never experienced anxiety. The emotional impact on corona virus and the public has been huge. A mass number of global worry, fear and uncertainty has taken over. What I want to highlight is that a person suffering anxiety has lived and will continue to live everyday in this mindset. I have created an online survey and handed it to 40 people in the general public, with this comes tailored questions about the emotional impact of covid 19. With this data I will collect and analyse the results, this should give me the basis to start my sampling.

below are some of the graph results:

These examples above take anxiety symptoms like “compulsive thinking” and “worried or anxious thoughts” and are applied to the public living through a pandemic in which 60 or above said yes to meaning they are experiencing right now what an anxiety riddled patient feels like everyday.

After collecting the data from the survey, over 60% of the population are now suffering from anxiety symptoms relation to the recent corona virus pandemic. This proves my theory that people are living in an anxiety suffers world.

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