I took a lot of inspiration from this eclectic weave. i really love how the layers just blend together, you have a mix if all juxtaposing fabric which have all been manipulated. The thin and arreatic nature of the manipulated plastic bag merging effortlessly with the knotted tulle blended next with the patternecd fabric and upcycled ikea handles. This is paired with machine manipulated upcycled tape meaures arranged loosely to give a fun, tactile look paired with loose shoe laces, these are then repeated. I really just love how well the fabrics communicate with each other. bringing this into the main i want to repeat elements similarly to how i have in the weave, its pathed the way for how the materials should be paired but in a really fun and playful way.

As i have worked larger scale i wanted to go smaller also, I choose to create this sample to showcase my favourite part of the weave which was the erratic nature of the alternative materials. This is a deconstructed version. I choose one of my heat transfered fabric and used the machine to manipulate to create the pleats within the fabric, i then layered on top a repeat of overlaying tape measure almost effortlessly creating layers. Looking back at my trends i also looked at cord, this was my upcycled laces, i manipulated in a fun loose way, essentuating each curve of the lace for this playful eclectic vibe. Looking forward i wanted to look at how this would work on a larger sample possible with more print.

For my third supporting sample I choose the large manipulated print with a placement sample to the left. This incorporated my favourite aspects from each sample above and also from my analytical notes of my previous samples. I decided the best way to get the chaotic vs calm feel was to have a placement sample connected to the print sample, having the manipulation clustered together on one aspect of the sample worked well, it was interesting and it made you go in for a closer look to see how each fabric complimented the other. This layered on top of the larger sublimation sample really harmonised the print was manipulated to flow this combined with the more chaotic sample just complimented each other making this sample sucessful.