My final sample is created using the large sublimation print which was machine manipulated to create repeats within the ruffling, I choose to do two lines of manipulation as between the fabric almost manipulates itself into stunning irregular ruffles, this allowed the expressive print on top to almost come alive, essentuating the painterly feel, like my previous research. Keeping in mind with the individulist style i have create an irregular shape with defining edges, this down a runway really does have that wow factor. I choose to layer a placement of alternative materials, featuring the plastic bag which was machine manipulated, a range of materials composed in a way to highlight each texture of the fabric, similarly to the weave. I also used the repetitive tape measure to layer inbetween with loopy upcycled shoelaces which again really essentuated that quirky feel whilst still being sustainable. I feel this aura of the same works well, the conversation between the placement and the print harmonises and highlights each other well, creating a beautiful eclectic conversation on the body.


I choose to illustrate in a funky way to portray the playfulness of the samples. i used collage to mimic models but added larger features to enhance the quirky feel. I planned the garment to be a showstopper and represented this through collage with materials and a collection of mark-making with different media types.

supporting sample board- 

I’ve chosen to keep the boards more basic to highlight the samples and their qualities. Like my presentation I’ve chosen key words to describe my samples i.e Quirky, tactile and playful. i also choose to use eco friendly boards as sustainability has been an aspect to this project i feel its important to keep this going.

Main board-  

I choose to name my sample Daily pandemic. I choose to show my colour pallet through the fabric qualities. I also choose my favourite illustration to show the placement on the body in the quirkiest way whilst still having my main sample big enough to be the main attraction.