My thought process is messy, I’m very ettratic with my notes but what helps me as a designer is laying everything out, having sketchbooks, exsisting sampling, collages and drawings . I then take paper and start writing and analysing so far. I looked at first the sampling as a whole and started to make connection to my research, making sure everything connected and I was following the trends research.

To make my supporting samples and final samples I choose my favourites and starting analysing them, why did this work? why was this technique effective? what colour proportions was this? did it give off the same chaotic aura as the rest? doing this is essential so i can take the best parts of my samples and essentuate them further leading to my main.

After dipicting and analysing my exsisting samples I knew going forward this sampling would be looking at the techniques that worked well, having a combination of my notes and also a breakdown of the samples on the pages below really highlighted what I wanted to move forward.

I first started off by creating fabric collages, I placed samples over each other and recorded how they looked, this was a really similar process from my starting stage, its finding what materials flow and work well together. From previous exploration I found out that what made the samples pop was the tight manipulation next to a world of contrasting materials. Combining this with the manipulated print would enhance the calm vs chaotic feel that I needed.

I found this process worked extremely well, it got all of my thoughts out and allowed me to visually see how well all the fabric qualities worked before actually sewing the fabric together. It also allowed me to identify weaknesses like an inbalance of materials, looking at one material overpowering the rest in either colour, shape or form. Whilst keeping in mind the bold, irregular shapes to give that shock value for individualist fashion.

Taking this forward I decided to manipulate the large sublimation prints, looking at the fabric collages it was clear that the piece would flow if the print was manipulated. I decided to look at how I manipulated the alternative materials using machine stitch and ruffling. I wanted to recreate the aura of chaotic vs calm and the best way to do that was through manipulating but keeping the manipulation spaced apart almost giving the fabric a change to breathe and flow. The way the fabric seems to effortlessly manipulate using repetitive overlapping ruffles I feel really highlights the fun expressive nature of the prints and does effectively capture the aura of calm vs chaotic creating a beautiful world of manipulated playfulness.