I  started to explore more ways I could develop my collages, I looked into an artist named Deborah Dancy, her expressive work was really stunning. The way she creates blocks of colour was similar to the way I worked with my expression book and i knew i wanted to explore this further aswell.

my expressive book is a book filled with expressive mark-making using multi media collage. I use different medias with different dencities to show the different fabric qualities, its a really beautiful way to abstractly capture the samples. this is how I created my prints by making different collages, although this worked well for me i decided to take it further and look at how i could change this more.

I started by playing with the scale, this is a largere book and i played about with a more loose approach not showing so much on detail but focusing on the opeque cilours and bold marks. I wasnt a huge fan of the work on the larger scale i felt it missed the essence of the samples so i didnt take this idea further.

i also played around with creating multimedia prints, tearing them up and collaging back over, this was to symbolise the different layers to the samples. i personally feel the chaotic yet exciting energy best captures the spirits of the samples, and were most like Deborahs work, they capture fun bold marks with a playful twist best linking to the samples.


i feel working In collage was the best idea for this project, the samples energy cant be recreated in a really detailed drawing. i wanted to make sure the drawings really captured the fun and expressive nature of the prints and by making these I feel they did.