Professor Robert Bingham

Professor Robert Bingham

Personal Chair of Glaciology & Geophysics


A listing and repository of my publications, with lead/co-authorship by members of my group highlighted in bold italics. I also have reasonably up-to-date listings on Edinburgh Research Explorer, Google Scholar, Orcid and Publons.

73.  Ockenden, H., R.G. Bingham, A. Curtis and D. Goldberg (2022) Inverting ice-surface elevation and velocity for bed topography and slipperiness beneath Thwaites Glacier.
The Cryosphere, 16 (9), 3867-3887.

72.  Barr, I.D., M. Spagnolo, B.R. Rea, R.G. Bingham, R.P. Oien, K. Adamson, J.C. Ely, D.J. Mullan, R. Pellitero, and M.D. Tomkins (2022) 60 million years of glaciation in the Transantarctic Mountains.
Nature Communications, 13, 5446.

71.  Oien, R.P., I.D. Barr, M. Spagnolo, R.G. Bingham, B.R. Rea and J. Jansen (2022) Controls on the altitude of Scandinavian cirques: What do they tell us about palaeoclimate?
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 600, 111062.

70.  Frémand, A.C., J.A. Bodart, T.A. Jordan, F. Ferraccioli, C. Robinson, H.F.J. Corr, H.J. Peat, R.G. Bingham and D.G. Vaughan (2022) British Antarctic Survey’s aerogeophysical data: Releasing 25 years of airborne gravity, magnetic, and radar datasets over Antarctica.
Earth System Science Data, 14 (7), 3379-3410.

69.  Oien, R.P.; B.R. Rea, M. Spagnolo, I.D. Barr and R.G. Bingham (2021)
Testing the Area-Altitude Balance Ratio (AABR) and Accumulation Area Ratio (AAR) methods of calculating glacier equilibrium-line altitude.
Journal of Glaciology, 68 (268), 357-368.

68. Delf, R.; R.G. Bingham, A. Curtis, S. Singh, A. Giannopoulos, B. Schwarz and C.P. Borstad (2022) Reanalysis of polythermal glacier thermal structure using radar diffraction focussing. JF006382, Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 127 (2), e2021JF006382.

67. Alley, R.B.; N. Holschuh, D.R. MacAyeal, B.R. Parizek, L. Zoet, K. Riverman, A. Muto, K. Christianson, E. Clyne, S. Anandakrishnan, N. Stevens and the ITGC-GHOST Collaboration, inc. R.G. Bingham, J.A. Bodart and H. Ockenden (2021)
Bedforms of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica: Character and origin.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 126 (12), e2021JF006339.

66. Leger, T.P.M.; A.S. Hein, R.G. Bingham, Á. Rodés, D. Fabel and R.K. Smedley (2021)
Geomorphology and 10Be chronology of the Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation in northeastern Patagonia, 43°S-71°W.
Quaternary Science Reviews, 272, 107194.

65. Leger, T.P.M.; A.S. Hein, D. Goldberg, I. Schimmelpfennig, M.S. Van Wyk de Vries and R.G. Bingham (2021)
Northeastern Patagonian glacier advances (43 °S) reflect northward migration of the Southern Westerlies towards the end of the last glaciation.
Frontiers in Earth Sciences, 9, 751987.

64. Delf, R.; A. Giannopoulos, R.G. Bingham and A. Curtis (2021)
A sliced-3D  approach to finite-difference time-domain modeling by optimizing perfectly matched layers.
Geophysics, 86 (6), H43-H52.

63. Bodart, J.A.; R.G. Bingham, D.W. Ashmore, N.B. Karlsson, A.S. Hein and D.G. Vaughan (2021)
Age-depth stratigraphy of Pine Island Glacier inferred from airborne radar and ice-core chronology.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 126 (4), e2020JF005927.

62. Leger, T.P.M.; A.S. Hein, R.G. Bingham, M.A. Martini, R.L. Soteres, E.A. Sagredo and O.A. Martínez (2020)
The glacial geomorphology of the Río Corcovado, Río Huemul and Lago Palena/General Vintter valleys, northeastern Patagonia (43°S, 71°W).
Journal of Maps, 16 (2), 651-668.
PDF (NB, The final map [100 Mb] can be found from the doi link above, in the paper’s supplementary materials)

61. Bisset, R.R.; A. Dehecq, D.N. Goldberg, M. Huss, R.G. Bingham and N. Gourmelen (2020)
Reversed surface-mass-balance gradients on Himalayan debris-covered glaciers inferred from remote sensing.
Remote Sensing, 12 (10), 1563.

60. Delf, R.; D.M. Schroeder, A. Curtis, A. Giannopoulos and R.G. Bingham (2020)
A comparison of automated approaches to extracting englacial-layer geometry from radar data across ice sheets.
Annals of Glaciology, 61 (81), 231-241.

59. Schroeder, D.M.; R.G. Bingham, D.D. Blankenship, K. Christianson, O. Eisen, G.E. Flowers, N.B. Karlsson, M.R. Koutnik, J.D. Paden and M.J. Siegert (2020)
Five decades of radioglaciology.
Annals of Glaciology, 61 (81), 1-13.

58. Ashmore, D.W.; R.G. Bingham, N. Ross, M.J. Siegert, T.A. Jordan and D.W.F. Mair (2020)
Englacial architecture and age-depth constraints across the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.
Geophysical Research Letters, 47 (6), e2019GL086663.

57. Oien, R.P.; M. Spagnolo, B.R. Rea, I.D. Barr and R.G. Bingham (2020)
Climatic controls on the equilibrium-line altitudes of Scandinavian cirque glaciers.
Geomorphology, 352, 106986.

56. Schroeder, D.M.; J.A. Dowdeswell, M.J. Siegert, R.G. Bingham, W. Chu, E.J. MacKie, M.R. Siegfried, K.I. Vega, J.R. Emmons and K. Winstein (2019)
Multidecadal observations of the Antarctic ice sheet from restored analog radar records.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116 (38), 18867-18873.

55. Cook, A.J.; L. Copland, B.P.Y. Noël, C.R. Stokes, M.J. Bentley, M.J. Sharp, R.G. Bingham and M.R. van den Broeke (2019)
Atmospheric forcing of rapid marine-terminating glacier retreat in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
Science Advances, 5 (3), eaau8507.

54. Christie, F.D.W.; R.G. Bingham, N. Gourmelen, E.J. Steig, R.R. Bisset, H.D. Pritchard, K. Snow and S.F.B. Tett (2018)
Glacier change along West Antarctica’s Marie Byrd Land Sector and links to inter-decadal atmosphere-ocean variability.
The Cryosphere, 12 (7), 2461-2479.

53. Davies, D.; R.G. Bingham, E.C. King, A.M. Smith, A.M. Brisbourne, M. Spagnolo, A.G.C. Graham, A.E. Hogg and D.G. Vaughan (2018)
How dynamic are ice-stream beds?
The Cryosphere, 12 (5), 1615-1628.

52. Van Wyk de Vries, M.; R.G. Bingham and A.S. Hein (2018)
A new volcanic province: an inventory of subglacial volcanoes in West Antarctica.
Geological Society Special Publications, 461, 231-248.

51. Bingham, R.G.; D.G. Vaughan, E.C. King, D. Davies, S.L. Cornford, A.M. Smith, A.M. Brisbourne, J. De Rydt, A.G.C. Graham, M. Spagnolo, O.J. Marsh and D.M. Shean (2017)
Diverse landscapes beneath Pine Island Glacier influence ice flow.
Nature Communications, 8, 1618.

50. Gourmelen, N.; D.N. Goldberg, K. Snow, S.F. Henley, R.G. Bingham, S. Kimura, A.E. Hogg, A. Shepherd, J. Mouginot, J.T.M. Lenaerts, S.R.M. Ligtenberg and W.J. van de Berg (2017)
Channelized melting drives thinning under an Antarctic ice shelf.
Geophysical Research Letters, 44 (19), 9796-9804.

49. Davies, D.; R.G. Bingham, A.G.C. Graham, M. Spagnolo, P. Dutrieux, D.G. Vaughan, A. Jenkins and F.O. Nitsche (2017)
High-resolution sub-ice-shelf seafloor records of 20th-century ungrounding and retreat of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 122 (9), 1698-1714.

48. Turner, J.; A. Orr, G.H. Gudmundsson, A. Jenkins, R.G. Bingham, C.-D. Hillenbrand and T.J. Bracegirdle (2017)
Atmosphere-ocean-ice interactions in the Amundsen Sea Embayment, West Antarctica.
Reviews of Geophysics, 55 (1), 235-276.

47. Brisbourne, A.M.; A.M. Smith, D.G. Vaughan, E.C. King, D. Davies, R.G. Bingham, E.C. Smith, I. Nias and S.H.R. Rosier (2017)
Bed conditions of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 122 (1), 419-433.

46. Siegert, M.J.; N. Ross, J. Li, D.M. Schroeder, D.M. Rippin, D.W. Ashmore, R.G. Bingham and P. Gogineni (2016)
Subglacial controls on the flow of Institute Ice Stream, West Antarctica.
Annals of Glaciology, 57 (73), 19-24.

45. Christie, F.D.W.; R.G. Bingham, N. Gourmelen, S.F.B. Tett and A. Muto (2016)
Four-decade record of pervasive grounding line retreat along the Bellingshausen margin of West Antarctica.
Geophysical Research Letters, 43 (11), 5741-5749.

44. Smith, M.W.; D.J. Quincey, T. Dixon, R.G. Bingham, J.L. Carrivick, T.D.L. Irvine-Fynn & D.M. Rippin (2016)
Aerodynamic roughness of ice surfaces derived from high resolution topographic data.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 121 (4), 748-766.

43. Winter, K.; J. Woodward, S.A. Dunning, C.S.M. Turney, C.J. Fogwill, A.S. Hein, N.R. Golledge, R.G. Bingham, S.M. Marrero, D.E. Sugden and N. Ross (2016)
Assessing the continuity of the blue ice climate record at Patriot Hills, Horseshoe Valley, West Antarctica.
Geophysical Research Letters, 43 (5), 2019-2026.

42. Winter, K.; J. Woodward, N. Ross, S.A. Dunning, R.G. Bingham, H.F.J. Corr and M.J. Siegert (2015)
Airborne radar evidence for tributary flow switching in Institute Ice Stream, West Antarctica: implications for ice sheet configuration and dynamics.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 120 (9), 1611-1625.

41. Bingham, R.G.; D.M. Rippin, N.B. Karlsson, H.F.J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, T.A. Jordan, A.M. Le Brocq, K.C. Rose, N. Ross, A.P. Wright and M. J. Siegert (2015)
Ice-dynamic behaviour in the Weddell Sea sector of West Antarctica from radar-imaged internal layering.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 120 (4), 655-670.

40. Rose, K.C.; N. Ross, T.A. Jordan, R.G. Bingham, H.F.J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, A.M. Le Brocq, D.M. Rippin and M.J. Siegert (2015)
Ancient preglacial erosion surfaces preserved beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.
Earth Surface Dynamics, 3 (1), 139-152.

39. Ashmore, D.W. and R.G. Bingham (2014)
Antarctic subglacial hydrology: an overview of current knowledge and forthcoming scientific challenges.
Antarctic Science, 26 (6), 758-773. S0954102014000546

38. Jamieson, S.S.R.; C.R. Stokes, N. Ross, D.M. Rippin, R.G. Bingham, D.S. Wilson, M. Margold and M.J. Bentley (2014)
The glacial geomorphology of the Antarctic ice-sheet bed.
Antarctic Science, 26 (6), 724-741.

37. Fogwill, C.J.; R.G. Bingham, A.N. Mackintosh and D.R. Marchant (2014)
Standing on the shoulders of giants (Editorial introduction to Special Issue in Honour of the Long-Standing Contibutions of Professor David E. Sugden to Antarctic Geoscience).
Antarctic Science, 26 (6), 601-602.
PDF including listing of papers contributed to Special Issue

36. Wright, A.P.; A.M. Le Brocq, S.L. Cornford, R.G. Bingham, H.F.J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, T.A. Jordan, A.J. Payne, D.M. Rippin, N. Ross and M.J. Siegert (2014)
Sensitivity of the Weddell Sea sector ice streams to sub-shelf melting and surface accumulation.
The Cryosphere, 8 (6), 2119-2134.

35. Rose, K.C.; N. Ross, R.G. Bingham, H.F.J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, T.A. Jordan, A.M. Le Brocq, D.M. Rippin and M.J. Siegert (2014)
A temperate former West Antarctic ice sheet suggested by an extensive zone of bed channels.
Geology, 42 (11), 971-974.

34. Ashmore, D.W.; R.G. Bingham, R.C.A. Hindmarsh, H.F.J. Corr and I.R. Joughin (2014)
The relationship between sticky spots and radar reflectivity beneath an active West Antarctic ice stream.
Annals of Glaciology, 55 (67), 29-38.

33. Rippin, D.M.; R.G. Bingham, T.A. Jordan, A.P. Wright, N. Ross, H.F.J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, A.M. Le Brocq, K.C. Rose and M.J. Siegert (2014)
Basal roughness of the Institute and Möller Ice Streams, West Antarctica: determining past ice-dynamical regimes.
Geomorphology, 214, 139-147.

32. Karlsson, N.B.; R.G. Bingham, D.M. Rippin, R.C.A. Hindmarsh, H.F.J. Corr and D.G. Vaughan (2014)
Constraining past accumulation in central Pine Island Glacier Basin from radio-echo sounding.
Journal of Glaciology, 60 (221), 553-562.

31. Siegert, M.J.; N. Ross, H. Corr, B. Smith, T. Jordan, R.G. Bingham, F. Ferraccioli, D.M. Rippin and A. Le Brocq (2014)
Boundary conditions of an active West Antarctic subglacial lake: implications for storage of water beneath the ice sheet.
The Cryosphere, 8 (1), 15-24.

30. Ross, N.; T.A. Jordan, R.G. Bingham, H.F.J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, A. Le Brocq, D.M. Rippin, A.P. Wright and M.J. Siegert (2014)
The Ellsworth Subglacial Highlands: inception and retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.
Geological Society of America Bulletin, 126 (1-2), 3-15.

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A “continuity-index” for assessing ice-sheet dynamics from radar-sounded internal layers.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 39 (335-336), 88-94.

22. Ross, N.; R.G. Bingham, H.F.J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, T.A. Jordan, A.M. Le Brocq, D.M. Rippin, D.A. Young, D.D. Blankenship and M.J. Siegert (2012)
Steep reverse bed slope at the grounding line of the Weddell Sea sector in West Antarctica.
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Potential seaways across West Antarctica.
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Anomalous resetting of subglacial sediment at Haut Glacier d’Arolla, Switzerland – a consequence of resetting at the glacier bed?
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