Following on my recent paper about Sulphur dioxide from volcanoes, another one has just come out. This time, I am a lot further down the author list and wrote about 3% of the paper, rather than 99%. In fact, my only contribution was this figure, comparing our SO2 data from MLS with the new data from the MIPAS instrument. totmass_pb

It looks as if MIPAS struggles to get the right answer when there is a lot of SO2 in the atmosphere, but gets a similar answer to MLS once the SO2 has thinned out a bit. I say “the right answer” because the comparisons I have already done suggest that MLS is indeed getting about the right values (unless you consider SO2 in the mid and lower troposphere, which I didn’t include in the figure).

As with my own paper, this one is in an open-access, open-review journal, so  you can watch the peer review process in action. The final version may be different, depending on what the referees say.


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