I’m a bit late with the rain report for 2023, sorry. We have already had most of January 2024 and, here in Dunbar, it is already the second-wettest of the five Januaries that I have recorded.

bar chart of monthly rain up to mid-Jan 2024

As a whole, 2023 was the second wettest year I have recorded, falling only slightly behind 2021. However, a lot of the year was dry.

cumulative plot of rainfall

The cumulative rainfall was less than the climatological mean right up until the end of September, at which point the year put on a sprint, overtook climatology and 2020, and aimed squarely at 2021’s total, missing only by a whisker.

As a reminder, you can find updated versions of these plots at https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/hughpumphrey/current-weather/ ; the start of these readings is described in the original raingauge post.

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