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I am a lecturer (full title: Reader in Atmospheric Science) in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. My research is on remote sensing of the atmosphere, mostly using the MLS instrument. My contact details are here and my official research page is here. My publications list will give you the full details of my research work.

I was for some years the degree programme convenor for the University of Edinburgh’s degrees in

Having handed that task over to various colleagues for some years I am taking it up again for 2023-4 onwards.

For some courses, we make use of datacamp for teaching computing skills. We are grateful that they make their material available free to universities; they request a link back to their site in return. This year I am in charge of this course:

The purpose of this blog is for me to write about stuff that isn’t strictly work but is connected with it in some way. There are  posts on various aspects of atmospheric science, Earth science and the teaching of science. But quite a lot of stuff has crept in about what is growing in my garden, Free Software advocacy, scientific computing etc. There is a whole subgroup of “classic lump” posts on ascents of small and insignificant mountains.

This blog was originally hosted at . At the time I started it, the University did not provide a blogging platform. I moved the blog here because was introduced, and because wordpress had increased the number of flashing adverts shown on the original blog to a ludicrous level. Note that a lot of the links from one blog post to another still point back to the old site. I’m slowly fixing them, but there are quite a lot to be fixed.

You  can follow me (@HughPumphrey) on twitter.

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