At Home in the World – a sumptuous donation to ECA Library

We have recently received a most beautiful book as a donation from Professor Elizabeth Cowling, “At Home in the World: the Art and Life of Gulammohammed Sheikh”, edited by Chaitanya Sambrani, from Tulika Books, 2019.

Gulammohammed Sheikh has played a pioneering role in contemporary Indian art’s engagement with hybridity and a plural inheritance. Resolutely attentive to the multiplicity of experience and systems of representation and belief on the subcontinent, Sheikh’s art has reimagined relationships with the often paradoxical nature of tradition.

In a practice stretching more than five decades and across painting and digital media, Sheikh has sought to articulate a way of incorporating his fascination with historical figures and sources stretching from Italy to China in an encyclopedic endeavor, producing contemporary art that unashamedly declares its affiliations to earlier ways of seeing, thinking, and doing.

At Home in the World presents the first comprehensive study of the art and life of this seminal figure, bringing together aspects of biographical discussion alongside other modes of art historical analysis.

Once catalogued this gorgeous book will be available at ECA Library, Evolution House.

illustrated cover of the book
At Home in the World: front cover and images from inside…