DiagnosisView has been created by a small team at Edinburgh Medical School, part of the University of Edinburgh.


We were designing a remote, part-time route to a medical degree, HCP-Med. We imagined students sitting in a General Practitioner’s surgery two weeks in, puzzling over diagnoses they hadn’t come across before. So we wanted a quick way to provide rapid, trusted information, suitable for speaking to a patient, or discovering likely worries – or later, for learning more in the coffee room, or on the bus home.

But we quickly realised that this should also be useful to healthcare students and practitioners much more widely.

What does it do?

  • Provides in-hand info about every diagnosis, as you encounter any new patient
  • Always commences with advanced patient info
  • With a small subscription, adds practitioner (amber) and expert-level (red) professional resources*

* Free topics: Acne, Bronchiectasis, Cholera, Coronavirus COVID-19, Cystic fibrosis, Gonorrhoea, Heart failure, Lung cancer, Nail problems, Post-natal depression, Pre-eclampsia – all these demonstrate amber and red resources without  a subscription.


  • Steers you to trusted information
  • Faster than Google
  • Encourages a patient-centred approach





  • Read Principles and Other FAQ


Who are your awesome developers?

Solid State – solidstategroup.com  – wrote the DiagnosisView app, and the code behind it that manages linking to info by diagnosis. This comes from the PatientView project.

Other credits

The unicorn favicon is wanicon from www.flaticon.com and is licensed by CC 3.0 BY