Principles and FAQ

Principles | FAQ

First, did you read our main About page?


  • First info you see about a condition should be what a patient would want to know. Textbook later. So the first thing you’d read about a condition is how to explain it to a patient, and likely questions they’d ask
  • Link principles: trustworthy, and advert-free, or at least nearly ad-lite with no worrying ad content. More about our links.
  • Lower level links free
  • Higher levels of links take you to increasingly professional resources.
    • Modest subscription reveals higher-level links
  • Paywalled free links may be available to you via an institutional login – institutions can have their institutional access route to paywalled resources built in where it is based on a proxy url. Then, if you associate your login with your institution, the proxy will be automatically substituted. Contact us if you are from an institution that would like to test this.



How do you keep it up to date?

We have chosen reliable information providers who keep their information up to date. Most provide info is linked through diagnostic codes, which we can interrogate via an API, in case links change name or move. In some instances we have mapped links manually.

What further developments are planned?

We’ll keep that info coming on the News page.

Why does it cost money?

The modest subscription that reveals amber and red-level resources underwrites hosting, maintenance and further development, without us needing to show ads.