How to …


Go to Search (magnifying glass icon, top right)

  1. Type in a diagnosis or pick one from the specialties list.
    • Exact search: First results are from matches to titles of conditions. Matching starts after you type 3 characters.
    • Fuzzy search: A few seconds later, synonyms and some abbreviations may appear under Did you mean? These can be way off, or just what you’re looking for. If your obvious synonym doesn’t retrieve something and you think it should, please contact us so that we can add it.
  2. You are shown green, amber and red resources. Green = first level (student or general), Amber = practitioner, Red = specialist level.
  3. Tap on the link to load content.
  4. You only see amber and red resources with a subscription, or for the free topics*.

* Free topics: Acne, Bronchiectasis, Cholera, Coronavirus COVID-19, Cystic fibrosis, Gonorrhoea, Heart failure, Lung cancer, Nail problems, Post-natal depression, Pre-eclampsia.

Step by step

1. Begin to type into Search

2. Green and amber links for Hypertension

3. Green link content

4. Amber link content










Load links from a resource in your institution’s subscriptions

If your institution is registered with us you can …

  • Pick your institution in your Profile while you are registering for a subscription, or later in your Profile.
  • Paywalled links that your institution has access to should now be fully accessible.
    • Where they are accessed through an institution-specific proxy url, this will be introduced automatically.
    • Where you need to enter an insitution-specific login, you can just do that
    • You will need to enter your institutional login just once per session.
  • My institution isn’t there – they could be added. See Contact page.
  • I belong to two institutions – you can hot switch between different institutions in your profile settings. This can be useful if you have access to different paywalled resources from two different institutions.


If your institution is not registered with us, you may still be able to access paywalled resources through an institution-based login. This won’t work if your institution uses a proxy url for access. We can code proxy urls in, and show your institution in the list, if they contact us.