A bug fixed

For University of Edinburgh users on Android devices, the login dialogue to gain access to BMJ Best Practice via the institutional login window does not work. We’re looking into that. It works on Apple devices.
Update: Fixed Feb 2020.

Link ordering: is now much better. It is fixed for new links, just some work to sort it for existing ones.



Soft release on the way

BMJ Best Practice is mapped as a resource that is popular but paywalled, often with institutional login mechanisms. Functionality seems good (with one bug, see below). The app is now awaiting Apple/Google approval for live release.

Work still to do

  • We’re still checking and expanding all mapping, and adding diagnoses.
  • We’re looking at mapping additional resources.

Bugs we’re aware of

  • Android login for University of Edinburgh access to BMJ BP isn’t working consistently.
  • It’d be nicer if the order of info links was consistently green, amber, red.



Making progress

Android and iOS App store arrangements are now successfully set up! Thanks to the Uni Edinburgh team who have set up the University’s first app that allows subscriptions. This was a bit of a trek.

We’re working on a few things:

  • Detailed wording inside app
  • Wording and pics for app stores
  • Subscription arrangements for launch
  • Mapping of BMJ Best Practice

This last may take us a while, but we want to be able to show how this would work for an institution, so that their staff and students can simply click through to a resource that is already available via their library.