Caution and policies

Caution: please take care

  • Educational, not for treatment. DiagnosisView is an educational app, not intended as a manual of diagnosis or treatment. It is aimed primarily at students in healthcare professions, and at practitioners working in unfamiliar territory. For many conditions it also points to information useful to experts. However in almost all circumstances, interpretation in a clinical setting requires prior and broader relevant knowledge.
  • Third party links. The information sources that we link to are not written by us. We select links from sources that we believe are trustworthy, and where we believe they are kept up to date. However we are not responsible for information at the sites we point to. Despite our efforts, they may contain errors, and they may not be completely up to date. Please exert all due caution in interpretation.


Policies and privacy statement

Your browsing history. The app records your browsing history by design. If you have more than one device it syncs your history and favourites across different devices. You can clear your browsing history at any time. When you do that, it is deleted from our database.

Usage analysis. To help us make DiagnosisView as useful as possible to its users, we record what conditions are searched for, and which links are clicked. We will also analyse patterns of use, for example by user type or region or institution, but will always undertake these analyses in bulk and anonymously.

Cookies. If you use a future web version of the app, or have administrator-level access to the app, essential cookies will record that you are logged in. Analytics cookies (e.g. Google analytics) tell us usage patterns by user.  If you disable cookies in your browser, you will not be able to log in. Users who are not logged in will only be able to see open-access links (including all ‘green’ level links), and their browsing history will not be recorded by the app.

No commercial use or external transfer of personal data. We do not show adverts from third parties. Adverts may show in resources we link to, thought we try to minimise this. We never pass on any personal or identifiable data to other organisations.