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Use this image bank to discover some of the University of Edinburgh’s wonderful women in science, technology, engineering, and maths!

Click on each photo to find out more about each woman’s career and achievements.

STEM Gallery

(Photo courtesy of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh)

(Agnes Yewande Savage, 1964, photographic print, provided by Family of Agnes Savage- Henry Mitchell Centre of African Studies, [] CC by 2.5 )

(Circa 1920, Annie Hutton Numbers, photographic print, provided by the University of Edinburgh, [] CC by SA 3.0 )

(Ella Ferrier Pringle in 1909, 1909, photographic print, provided by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, [] Public domain image )

(Jessie MacLaren MacGregor with her dog, photographic print, provided by Lothian Health Services Archive (Ref GD1/53/22) )

(Gertrude Herzfeld, photograph, provided by Lothian Health Service Archive (Reference: LHB8/71/1) [] )

(Portrait of Dame Honor Bridget Fell, at her microscope, Wellcome Collection Images [] CC by 4 )

(Circa 1820, Dr. James Barry, oil on canvas, provided by Museum Africa via Wikimedia [] Public domain image )

(Postcard studio portrait of Chrystal Macmillan, photographic print, LSE Library Collection, [via:,_Chrystal_1908-1914_(22704149049).jpg] Public domain image )

(Photograph of Kenneth and Noreen Murray, photographic print, provided by the Murray Archive, University of Edinburgh [] CC by 3.0 )

(Eleanor Campbell, 2015, provided by Eleanor Campbell accessed via Wikimedia [] CC by SA 3.0 )

(Author unknown, Sophia Jex Blake as a Young Woman, circa 1860, photograph, []. Public domain image )

(1929, Jennie Lee, photographic print, provided by Illustrated London News Digital Archive via Wikimedia, [] Public domain image )

(Photo via Devi Sridhar)

(Prof Yataro Tazima, In Her Lab at King’s Buildings, 1953, Curtsey of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Ref: IM/000158), [via:] Open acess, copyright @ The Royal Society )