Lisa Boden smiles into camera

Lisa Boden, a veterinary specialist in veterinary public health and population medicine, holds professional certifications from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in the UK and the European Veterinary Specialist College. Additionally, she holds a PhD in veterinary epidemiology and a Master of Laws degree in medical law and ethics. Lisa Boden currently serves as a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, specifically at the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security. Furthermore, she holds the position of Deputy Director at EPIC, the Scottish Government’s Center for Expertise in Animal Disease Outbreaks. EPIC is responsible for providing policymakers with swift access to emergency scientific advice and analyses for proactive preparation and response to exotic and novel animal disease outbreaks.

Lisa Boden’s professional endeavors encompass various areas, such as the translation and effective communication of scientific knowledge for evidence-based policymaking. She is actively involved in contingency planning and managing emergency outbreak responses. Furthermore, her work involves risk assessment and communication, as well as horizon scanning and scenario planning to facilitate strategic thinking regarding disease outbreak risks and long-term resilience.

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