Gertrude Hertz wears a lab coat and points to a scientific figure on a black board.

Gertrude Marian Amalia Herzfeld (1 June 1890 – 12 May 1981) was an English surgeon known for her ground breaking contributions to paediatric and gynaecological surgery. She was one of the first female surgeons in Scotland and the first woman paediatric surgeon. Throughout her career, she held significant positions, including being the first female fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and chairing the Edinburgh city branch of the British Medical Association.

Herzfeld’s surgical career was marked by her expertise in paediatric surgery, encompassing plastic, orthopaedic, and abdominal procedures, as well as neonatal work. She made notable advancements in outpatient surgery and was admired for her speed and efficiency in performing procedures. Affectionately known as ‘Gertie,’ she was highly regarded at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.
Gertrude Herzfeld’s contributions to the field of medicine extend beyond surgery. She served as a lecturer on childhood surgery at the University of Edinburgh, helped establish the Edinburgh School of Chiropody, and acted as a medical advisor to organizations supporting physically handicapped children. Herzfeld’s legacy as a skilled surgeon and compassionate medical professional continues to inspire future generations in the field.

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