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SCPHRP November Bulletin 2016

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Read all about our recent developments at the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy (SCPHRP).



We are currently accepting applications from local stakeholders in the Third Sector and community groups, professional public health positions, and public sector health policy fields, for the non-remunerated position of SCPHRP Visiting Expert.   This is a part-time position (perhaps one-half to one-day monthly), the function of which is to work with SCPHRP staff and Fellows on applied research, and/or knowledge-exchange project(s) of mutual interest, bringing diverse “real-world” expertise relevant to our mandate.  The post-holder will gain experience working at the interface between policy, research and practice, and will contribute to a project in their field of interest.

For further information on the role and application process, please visit:

MPH graduation celebrations
Congratulations to all those who graduated from the Masters of Public Health on the 29th November. Well done!  Dylan Hassell, Audrey Buelo, Christina Katan, Christopher Stothart, and Laura Tirman have been working with us on various projects over the past couple of months here at SCPHRP, and they have been doing a fantastic job.

More celebrations!rens
Renee Ingram, our Office Manager, obtained her Level 4 Business and Administration qualification earlier this month.  Congratulations Renee!

essThe Scottish Third Sector Research Forum’s latest call for evidence across your networks:
The Scottish Third Sector Research Forum wants your evidence of ‘successful co-production in the third sector’. See the call for evidence here. DEADLINE: 28 November 2016

CALL FOR ENTRIES: We’re currently planning our next magazine If you have any articles you’d like to send us for the mag, please contact Sam Bain at
DEADLINE: Monday 5th December
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SCPHRP Development Awards

We are currently accepting applications to our funding scheme for third sector and policy/practice Working Group members. This is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the capacity of the Scottish public health workforce to contribute to, and utilise research, via appropriate career development opportunities. Applicants can seek funding for a number of career development activities, including:
  • Attendance at a relevant conference, including registration, travel and accommodation costs.
  • Attendance at a relevant seminar/workshop, including registration, travel and accommodation costs.
  • Further education opportunities, including relevant modules/courses.
  • Travel to meet with a key figure in a related field, where such a meeting is likely to benefit your work.
Applications will be accepted throughout the year, until all available monies (£5,000 per working group) have been allocated. To register as a member of any of the working groups, please visit: and contact the relevant Working Group Fellow for further information.


  • Rosella L, Calzavara A, Frank J, Fitzpatrick T, Donnelly P, Henry D (2016).  Narrowing mortality gap between men and women over two decades: a registry-based study in Ontario, Canada. BMJ Open, 6:e012564,


  • Aitken M, Jorre J, Pagliari C, Jepson R, Cunningham-Burley S (2016). Public responses to the sharing and linkage of health data for research purposes: a systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies. BMJ Medical Ethics, 17(1): 73.


As this will be our last bulletin our 2016, we would like to wish you all a fantastic holiday season.

SCPHRP’s vision is to develop Scotland as a leader in public-health intervention research for equitable health improvement through catalysing strong researcher/research-user collaborations that ensure timely, robust, policy relevant research that is created with – and used by – key decision-makers.

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THEORY BASED EVALUATION OF LONG TERM CONDITIONS AND MACMILLAN BENEFIT ADVICE SERVICE in Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow Researchers: Dr Ruth Jepson, Dr Kyle Lambe, Dr Tony Robertson, Dr Andrew James Williams. Integration of health and social care is one of Scotland’s major programmes of reform. At its heart it …

Seven Key Societal Investments for Health Equity: Scotland, rUK, and Canada compared

Seven Key Societal Investments for Health Equity: Scotland, rUK, and Canada compared by John Frank. Widespread lip service is given to the social determinants of health (SDOH). However, there are few published comparisons of how specific jurisdictions “stack up,” in terms of implementing SDOH-based policies and programmes, and thereby achieving commensurate results, …

The Divide

‘THE DIVIDE’ at 7pm on Monday 21st November 2016  A FREE PUBLIC showing of the recently released film produced by DARTMOUTH FILMS in association with The EqualityTrust, a UK charity dedicated to promoting public understanding the consequences of inequality in society, and the remedies for it. The two-hour film will …