Study of Art

Looking at three artists (Charles Sheeler, Robert Rauschenburg and Jayashree Chakravaarty)  I choose different pieces which I found interesting in the use of colour/texture and composition. I looking at them in great

detail noticing more texture and interesting facts about the artwork showing this through my thoughts of each piece above.


Looking at Charles Sheeler first, I looked at different mediums I could use to represent this work, I think acrylic worked the best as it gave me vibrant colours and perfect lines. I tested different light conditions and proportions to understand the colours that he used, the darker the colour showed the shadows against the structures. In Aerial Gyrations I

used photoshop to create different Pov’s of a building using vivid colours.


Left to right – Stacks in Celebration, Aerial Gyrations, Amoskeag Mills

Robert Rauschenburg interested me as he uses cyanotype which I have created in the past being influenced by his work. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to create large scale ones but I wanted to create a heavily contrasted piece using dark blues against a white background. I like the textures he creates so I wanted to show these off using different things I found in my bedroom with new media.


Left to right – Untitled, Scanning, Banco

Jayashree Chakravarty is an inspiration to me, she uses nature to produce her art. Using what she found to create natural objects, I used plants, leafs, branches to show her style off. I created my own textures using the materials I found and put paint/ink on these to show the textures off. This was her recent work, however, she used to be more detailed with textures filling the page up with different types of conventional paints. I tested different colours and textures to see what I would use to recreate her work. I love the use of colour in all of her work and I believe this will influence future work.

Left to right – Earth as Haven, Oil, Acrylic, Leaf Cotton Paper, Untitled



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