Category: Scores Ex.5

Group Score

Bringing different ideas from the weeks and combining them together, group 4 created a score of all our personal experiences through the scores we created. I used different parts of my body to show the score I was given, I also did a snow angle within the powder paint. using swooshes with my foot created movement throughout the whole piece keeping everything inflow.  This was a very fun experience however all the glitter from the powder paint still won’t come out of my boiler suit.

close up video

Flocking Score

As a group of 6 we decided to go to Grassmarket, at this time it wasn’t to busy however we still interacted with the public. As a rubber band, they contract and then bounce of each other taking this idea we throught how we could move within each other. Some of us bounced of each other, some stayed well apart from each other. The black lines are the boundary of Grassmarket with the different colours being one of the team members. looking at the experiences we went though, we added water droplets to show rain which mixed with the media creating an abstract smudge.


POV Grassmarket

Trios In Space Score

Using black ink line to show the route I took around Greyfriars Graveyard, with different colours to give an understanding of the ground I felt underneath. My thoughts were that if it’s soft and uneven it’s grass and the rough, louder noise is stones/pavement, however, I found both textures uneven due to ground levels. Being blindfolded enhances the senses more and I started to describe the senses to my partner which helped me display the sounds through words on my score.

Noisy Space Score

Travelling to Greyfriars Bobby and watching how the public move within the space I created this score. I took a video and interpreted what happened throughout this score, using sound waves as individual lines showing the flow through the movements. Indicating different things I saw through colour and media, using black ink for cars/vans/busses and the greater gradient of black indicates which side of the bus was on. Using blue highlighter for a person, yellow highlighter for two people and red for multiple people. The busyness of this work shows the loud environment I was in.