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The Experiences Storyboard

Using the style of Jayashree Chakravarty and my sketch storyboard I created a storyboard of Joan Eardley. I held grass and bailey up against the wall, then I photoshopped the artwork in to show the different textures in a 3D view. Like my sketch I created a path of where she went to pick the materials, using a map that is overlayed. Adding large footsteps over the top of the storyboard shows a sense of direction across my storyboard. Eardley reflects on her childhood using sweet wrappers and newspapers to create a composition. I changed the recycle sketch to a wildlife cycle, looking at different animals and plants that may live in this area. Then looking at different elements of the grass’s lives, what experiences it has been through such as rain, sun, water, or wind, and watch how it reacts. Finally, I produced Eardley’s piece however, in progress how she sticks things down and the different paint strokes she uses.

The Senses Storyboard

 I created a storyboard of one of my scores, by which I sat opposite the Greyfriars Bobby and observed people traveling through the area and how they act/behaved. Using Robin Cracknell’s ideas for textures and overlayed different POV photos with drawings and colour. Then thinking about a performance drawing how people understand space by their senses, so I created each section as a different sense including vision, hearing, touch, smell, proprioception, and taste. Looking at the most important sense at the top left to then going to what I think is the least important sense (bottom right). I looked at different things I experienced and showed these in different sections of my storyboard. Adding a few lines of sound which is the main feature for my score, creates layers to my drawing.

Sketch Storyboard for “The Senses”

Using ‘Seeded, Grass and Daisies September’ by Joan Eardley, I have developed a sketch storyboard in the style of Jayashree Chakravarty who I looked at throughout week 2.  I wanted to research how Eardley created this piece what memories and emotions she experienced whilst producing this piece. I want my viewers to have their own interpretations of my storyboard. I interpreted that people would start to wonder what happened to the painting, how Eardley added the textures/create them? Then exploring the textures, Eardley picked them at her home in Catterline, shown in different POV’s of her moving around. Next, I thought about her thinking behind the painting, exploring the life cycle of grass. I found it interesting that Eardley has taken this technique from when she was a child using sweet wrappers and newspaper to create compositions. I also thought about the different elements that the materials have been through, throughout their lives and how it has affected the painting marks. The last sketch is of Eardley placing the material down producing the piece. I wanted to create a POV of Eardley creating this and of what she experiences.

Creating my storyboard in the style of Jayashree Chakravarty made me look more at the textures and natural materials. I liked that Chakravarty used a messy technique due to the medium she used, I created marks and light colours to represent her work.