The Experiences Storyboard

Using the style of Jayashree Chakravarty and my sketch storyboard I created a storyboard of Joan Eardley. I held grass and bailey up against the wall, then I photoshopped the artwork in to show the different textures in a 3D view. Like my sketch I created a path of where she went to pick the materials, using a map that is overlayed. Adding large footsteps over the top of the storyboard shows a sense of direction across my storyboard. Eardley reflects on her childhood using sweet wrappers and newspapers to create a composition. I changed the recycle sketch to a wildlife cycle, looking at different animals and plants that may live in this area. Then looking at different elements of the grass’s lives, what experiences it has been through such as rain, sun, water, or wind, and watch how it reacts. Finally, I produced Eardley’s piece however, in progress how she sticks things down and the different paint strokes she uses.

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