‘Sensory Triptych’

The Triptych discovers the main senses through the area of Chambers street to Greyfriars Bobby. With gold wire framing the triptych and different colours splitting the work up. The gold wire creates interesting shadows along the work and a mix of colour through the 16:9 images creates one piece coherently and work separately. Using a mix of physical photoshop work by overlaying the 3 artworks over the hand-drawn lines and shadows casted from the wire, creates my sensory triptych.

‘Sketch Triptych”

Taking my storyboard into a triptych style, I used the most known senses as the 3 different compositions using the other senses to link each composition together. Then adding the gold wire back in over the top of the images as the way to frame the triptych and erase these into the background. Using the colours of blue, red and yellow to really show the composition of the triptych and separate the senses.

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