Seeded, Grass and Daisies September (1960) by Joan Eardley

‘Seeded, Grass and Daisies September’ by Joan Eardley, is a piece full of history even by looking at it, you can start to understand the process every detail has gone through. Firstly, Eardley picked every single grass stalk and that perfect daisy by hand, from her home village (Catterline) displaying personal meaning to this piece. Recreating her childhood of using newspaper and sweet wrappers to create art. Every natural element of Eardley’s work encountered the elements like wind and rain which has influenced this work, producing the swooshes of paint to show movement. Sticking them on roughly to reflect the texture, cutting, gluing, sowing every little detail into the canvas. Adding the process of colour was next, creating the vivid pops of oranges, reds, and blues to contrast with the now-dead stalks.

Eardley wants you to explore this piece in great depth, as you use more than one sense. I wonder how many hands have felt this painting, as you glide your hand across it your understanding grows. Eardley uses a variety of colours mainly those you would associate with autumn, which contrasts heavily with the white walls of a gallery showing that Eardley thinks about the space the painting is in and what atmosphere it may create. At first, it felt like a cold, wet day but then you look closer and see the intensity and richness of the colours she chooses, expressing the life of the daisies and grass.



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