Conference Posters

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5 Practical actions to embed environmental sustainability (Lucy Patterson)

Copy That! (Nicky Melville)

Cultivating global citizenship in studying abroad: the International Asian Students’ Perspectives (Jiaying Lin)

Designing a Course and Teaching Evaluation Platform for the School of Informatics (Selina Zhan and Cristina Alexandru)

Designing Useful Learning Analytics: Developing an Adaptable LA Dashboard for the School of Informatics (Stefania Sandu, Pavlos Andreadis and Cristina Adriana Alexandru)

Prioritisation of Institutional Strategy and Imagination of Student Benefits in Student Partnership Practices – Perspectives of Partnership Scheme Leaders (Daisy Bao)

Evolving Partnerships: From Service User and Provider to Critical Friends (Fiona Buckland, Beth Christie and Lizzy Garner-Foy)

How Learn Ultra Course View can support innovation and creativity in digital teaching practices (Stuart Nicol and Lee-Ann Simpson)

Improving the online PGT experience by developing regional Alumni and student networks: Lessons from the Usher Masters Alumni (UMA) network in Africa (Paineto Masengere, Emilie Mcswiggan, Nynke Halbesma and Clare Bukirwa)

Introducing Anthology Ally: adding to our accessibility toolkit (Karen Howie and Sean Sweeney)

Introduction of a new captioning service (Stephen Donnelly)

Makerspace: A tool for in-curriculum interdisciplinary experiential learning (Amer Syed)

Students’ perspective on co-creating curriculum in international classrooms (Jingyi Li)

A comparative analysis of reading list author and student demographics (Sarah Gregory)

English Language for Widening Participation at the University of Edinburgh (Amelia Harker)

Growing a Growth Mindset: Tabletop Simulation Game-Based Learning (Samantha Hopkins)

Leading Professional Learning: participatory research with students who are simultaneously applying course learning in the workplace (Hannah Grainger Clemson)

Mapping the moves: Considering transparency and accessibility as guiding concepts when writing academic abstracts (Barbara Reschenhofer)

Statistics minus anxiety (Kevin Ralston)

Virtual Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy (VAVA) (Michelle Davidson)