Wednesday 28 June | Day 2

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Keynote 2
Parallel Sessions 10:30-11:30


A creative partnership for making learning futures (Jen Ross and Liv Laumenech) [Paper]


Futures for our teaching spaces (Sian Bayne and Helen-Rose Wood) [Workshop]

Parallel Sessions 11:45-12:45


Creating mentally healthy classrooms – Place2Be and MHSES partnership (Sam Fawkner, Zoe Robertson, Kathleen Forbes and Catherine Henderson) [Storytelling]

I sat, a solitary student, in a crowded University classroom. An open book and empty cup on the marble table-top (Neil Speirs and Gabriele Negro) [Storytelling]


TICKET: Bringing Interculturality into the Curriculum (Randall Reinhard and Nicholas Hübner) [Workshop]

Parallel Sessions 13:30-14:30


Feedback on Feedback: Student Reflections on Student-Staff Partnerships (Aryan Jagtap, Boryana Ivanova, Chenchen Zha, and Tomris Guluzade) [Storytelling]

Mathematics Outreach Projects – Sharing our passion for learning with local communities (Francesca Iezzi, Edward Solomon and Ruby David-Jekyll) [Short Talk]

Embedding data-led teacher reflection into professional development (Anna Wood) [Short Talk]


The Informatics Tutoring Network: Rolling out across the University (Fiona McNeilland Kasia Kokowska) [Workshop]

Parallel Sessions 14:45-15:45


Improving accessibility of teaching materials (Karen Howie and Tracey Madden) [Paper]


The Role of Personal Vision in the Learning and Teaching Process (Murray Craig, Mike Jess, Paul McMillan and Karen Munro) [Paper]

Using reflective portfolios with first year biology students (Alison Cullinane) [Short Talk]


Planning engaging video content to transform your course (Geoff Fortescue and Andrés Ordorica) [Workshop]


Propositions for a ‘hybrid’ future: interdisciplinary autoethnographic research on inclusive and innovative learning spaces in higher education (Do Coyle, Jonathan Hancock, Wendy Timmons, Janet de Vigne, Heidi Smith, Murray Craig, ML White, Juan Jose Miranda and Anya Clayworth) [Workshop]

Parallel Sessions 16:00-16:30


Sensing in the Community – Community Based Research in the Curriculum (Stewart Smith and Helen Szoor-McElhinney) [Panel]


Developing a field-based methodology for learning and teaching in the contemporary city: A conversation across disciplines (David Overend, Dan Swanton, Suzanne Ewing, Zhi Kang Chua and Deirdre Macleod) [Panel]


Edinburgh Futures Institute – fusion teaching model success and challenges (Patrycja Mitrut (Chair), Simon Riley, Kate Orton-Johnson, Alexandra Huang and Theresa Boersma) [Panel]


Open Digital Badges: Build a Badge Workshop (Delia Georgescu and Tracey Madden) [Workshop]

Conference Closing Panel

“Experiential, Collaborative and Contemplative Pedagogies for Innovative Curriculum Themes: Environmental Sustainability, Wellbeing, and Wicked Problems”

Panellists: Lucy Patterson, Mark Hoelterhoff, Andy Cross, Beth Christie, Isla Miller, Laura Noctor-King and Jo Archibald