Informatics Teaching Festival 2022: Design of Teaching and Learning

The Informatics Teaching Festival is back for a third consecutive year and will run Monday May 9th to Wednesday May 11th 2022.

The 2022 Informatics Teaching Festival will focus on the design of teaching and learning and consist of the following sub-themes:  

  • overview of course design (Day 1, May 9th 2022)  
  • design to develop student skills, including for the industry (Day 2, May 10th 2022)
  • design of assessment (Day 3, May 11th 2022).  

Each day will include both presentations on school and university processes, tools and support, as well as the sharing of experience and good practice around different approaches to the design of teaching and learning, and internal (Informatics or university-based) as well as invited external speakers.

If you’d like to attend any of the following sessions, and are not a member of the School of Informatics, please register your interest here, and a Collaborate link will be emailed to you in advance of the session(s).

Schedule* –

Day 1: Overview of Course Design. Monday, May 9th 2022

Topic (and links to recordings after event) Date/Time Speaker, with linked Resources
Opening / Welcome Session 9-9.10am Björn Franke
Morning Session –
Designing a new course:
Morning Session: 9.10-12.30pm
Process and experience of designing new courses:
Designing a new Informatics Course – Sharon Goldwater;
Design Decisions and Dilemnas in a new data science course – David Sterratt;
Designing INF2-IADS – John Longley
9.10-10.40am Sharon Goldwater
David Sterratt
John Longley
Coffee break 10.40-11am Meet in Gathertown
Support for course design (ELDeRs) 11-11.30am Fiona Hale
Cristina Alexandru
Sharing positive experiences on improved courses 11.30am-12.15pm Heather Yorston on DMP
Pavlos Andreadis
Discussion 12.15-12.30pm
Lunch break 12.30pm-2pm
Afternoon Session –
Improving an existing course:
Afternoon Session: 2-5pm
Course proposal / improvement
(involving Board of Studies approval)
2-3.20pm Aurora Constantin
Felipe Costa Sperb
Heather Yorston RS for CAM
Coffee break 3.20-3.40pm Meet in Gathertown
Course improvement
(not involving Board of Studies approval)
3.40-4.30pm Cristina Alexandru on SEPP
Pavlos Andreadis
Discussion 4.30-5pm
Day end 5pm

Day 2: Design to develop student skills. Tuesday, May 10th 2022


Topic (and links to recordings after event) Date/Time Speaker / Resources
Morning Session –
Developing core Informatics skills:
Morning Session: 9-12.30pm
Cristina Alexandru, Heather Yorston, and Brian Mitchell:
Teaching students with varied profiles in UG1

Judy Robertston:
Teaching First year students with varied backgrounds

9-10am Cristina Alexandru on Varied Profiles UG1
Heather Yorston on FAC and MC
Brian Mitchell – Prize and Prejudice
Judy Robertson – prerecorded video
Teaching programming 10-11am Pawel Orzechowski
Charlotte Desvages – Day 2
Judy Robertson – prerecorded video
Michael Glienecke
Discussion 11-11.15am
Coffee break 11.15-11.30am Meet in Gathertown
Teaching Modelling:
Reflection on including the industry perspective in our teaching
11.30am-12.30pm Pavlos Andreadis
Sanjay Rakshit
Lunch break 12.30pm-2pm
Afternoon Session –
Developing transferrable skills:
Afternoon Session: 2-5pm
Guest Presentation:
Back to the future: shaping software engineering education with lessons from the past (abstract)
2-2.45pm Joseph McGuire
Coffee break 2.45-3pm Meet in Gathertown
Developing research skills 3-4pm Felipe Costa Sperb
Stefano Albrecht – pre-recorded video
Skills for the industry:
Rebecca Clacy-Jones on “Employment for Informatics Students” and Pavlos Andreadis on “View of Informatics Students”
4-4.35pm Rebecca Clacy-Jones
Pavlos Andreadis
Skills for the industry:
Large companies and what they require
4.35-4.55pm Michael Glienecke
Day end 5pm

Day 3: Assessment. Wednesday, May 11th 2022

Topic (and links to recordings after event) Date/Time Speaker / Resources
Morning Session –
Philosophy of Assessment
Morning Session: 9-12.30pm
Assessment in Informatics 9-9.45am Björn Franke
Guest Speaker:
Vertically integrated assessment in Physics (abstract)
9.45-10.30am Ross Galloway,
School of Physics and Astronomy
Coffee break 10.30-110am Meet in Gathertown
Asssessment Approaches:
“Let’s talk about Groupwork”: David Sterratt
“A brief introduction to WebPA”: Meredith Corey
“Why and how to assess and give feedback on code
(using standard tools)”: Charlotte Desvages
11am-12.15pm David Sterratt
Meredith Corey
Charlotte Desvages – Day 3
Update on Asssessment Plans (from ILTS and ITO) 12.15-12.30pm Toni Noble
Meredith Corey
David Sterratt
Lunch break 12.30pm-2pm
Afternoon Session –
Marking Approaches
Afternoon Session: 2-4pm
Rubrics Cube:
Puzzles in designing rubric-based marking schemes
Aurora Constantin
How do we set challenging assignments without encouraging
students to throw arbitrary amounts of time at them?
Iain Murray
Marking to the Common Marking Scheme
with Criteria & Decision Rules
Paul Anderson
Closing Ceremony 3.30-4pm Jane Hillston
Day end 5pm
* The schedule is still subject to change. As best we can we will not make big adjustments to speakers and timings.



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