Lecture video clips on Media Hopper Create – Submitting requests

Click here to download the Video Clip Request spreadsheet.

  1. Locate the lecture you wish to make clips from, noting the lecture number and date so the video editor can retrieve the correct lecture.
  2. Note the first timestamp (when you want the edited clip to begin) and the second timestamp (where you want the clip to end. You can add an additional segment by including two additional timestamps. The content between the 2 segments will be edited out for the completed clip.
  3. In the spreadsheet, note down the week of the lecture, the title you want for the video clip and the description of the clip that will appear on the course’s Media Hopper Create channel. Note down the lecture number and date so it can be retrieved. Note the timestamps for the first segment (and the optional second segment).
  4. In the spreadsheet, select ‘Yes’ for ‘Equal Feeds?’ if a clip requires the 2 video feeds (the lecturer cam and slides cam) to be equal e.g. when there is an important demonstration or note making occurring in the lecturer feed. Otherwise the clip will be edited with the lecturer cam in the bottom right corner of the clip, with the slide content large and visible at all times.
  5. Add any editing notes or requests in the ‘Notes’ field of the spreadsheet. The MHC column is for the editor to add the links to the clips on Media Hopper Create once they’re uploaded.
  6. Send the clip request spreadsheet to rohare@ed.ac.uk. The video clips will be uploaded to the course’s Media Hopper Create channel and you will be notified when they are complete.


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